Sunday, December 9, 2012

4 Months old!

Can you believe I'm 4 months old already?  My parents can't.  They say it's going by really fast!


I don't think my mouth is big enough to fit both my hands but I do try to make it work still.

As you saw in our previous week's post, we bought a Christmas tree.  My parents let me hang a few ornaments up.

I can be so happy some times.

I can't believe my parents are putting this picture up.  Not nice!

I KNOW I'm wearing my fireman hat backwards.  It's a new style.

We went to Meagan's house for a Christmas party and here I am with Auntie Ketty and Uncle Stephen.  My parents were trying to get me to smile, but I wasn't in the mood.

 Auntie Ketty couldn't stop holding me.  I didn't mind though. She's so pretty.
We got to open one present early.  I wonder what Meagan is getting.

WOW!  I got a car transporter!  Thanks, Mom and Dad! I spent the rest of the night playing with this.

We're on time with our post this week.  I think that talk with my parents worked.  See you next week!  Julia will have her check up and we'll have an update on how she's growing then!


  1. Julia, you are growing up too fast! When are you going to see your Uncle again? Elliot, I love the car transport. Looks like I may need to get you some more cars for that transport. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Another fun week with the kids! Great to meet up at Meg's birthday so we get so see everyone again. Julia Daddy just loves seeing you smile! Lots of fun play time with you and that transporter Elliot! Don't forget to let me play too!