Monday, December 3, 2012

17 weeks and Christmas tree!

I'm 17 weeks old!

Mommy forgot to put some pictures up in last week's blog.  One of the side effects of holding me is that some times I burp things up.  Uncle Calvin got the brunt of it this time.  Poor Uncle Calvin.

Another great advantage (for my parents) of having lots of uncles join us in Disneyland (or anywhere really) is that we kids are taken care of by somebody other than my parents.  They get to have some time to themselves.  Hee hee.  My parents are goof balls.


 Mommy also forgot to mention that we were all very sleep deprived when we arrived in LA last Wednesday morning.  We got in around 3am, I woke up at 645a.  By lunch, I was pretty much done.  I was in the middle of eating a bun and this is what happened.

This reminds Mommy of when we went to Hong Kong and I fell asleep during dinner. 
Look at how coordinated I am!  I'm playing with both hanging toys at the same time!

Oh, by the way, do you like my new outfit?  Grandma bought it for me from Kong Kong thinking I'll be able to wear it for a while.  I can just fit into it now, so it won't get much use.  Grandma, I'm a big girl.  You should've bought a bigger size!

 Can you see the drool coming out?  That's why Mommy wanted to put this picture up.  Gee, thanks, Mom.
 Some times Elliot wants to hug me, even though it's not in a good position.  Mommy missed the shot because she wasn't expecting me to try to wiggle out of Elliot's arms.  Hey!  He's in his booster seat!  There's not much room there!  How can you blame me?

 I'm such a ham when I want to be.

 On Saturday we went to Home Depot to get our Christmas tree!  I like this one!

 While I am entranced by power tools, they still scare me.  I'm watching the man use a saw here.  Like how I'm pinching my ears shut to block out the noise?  My parents thought it was funny.
 Thanks, Mom and Dad.  You're supposed to comfort me.
Hope you enjoyed this week's pictures.  Again, we're late.  Seems to be a theme.  I'm going to have to have a talk with Mommy about this.  We have fans waiting, you know!


  1. It's ok being a little late. Your cousin, Alyssa, hasn't had her blog updated in forever! We miss you!

  2. Daddy loves that goof ball shot of me and Mommy. And Christmas tree shopping is a family tradition so Elliot you'll need to get used to the sound of chainsaw when they prepare our tree! Love that pic of Elliot falling asleep in the middle of lunch. Of course Julia you are getting cuter every day!