Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 52 January 17th-23rd

This week started and ended great because Mommy had both Monday AND Friday off (though she had to prepare for my party) AND we celebrated my 1 year birthday (a few days early)!

We never posted this picture, but it was supposed to be my passport picture.  In the end, it was too dark and I had to retake another picture.  Mommy put this up on her work computer.  She says she smiles every time she looks at it. 

I've been kind of busy.  As always, I accomplish something new once (back in Christmas) and not again until a few weeks later.  I'm not very good, but I'm getting there.  My folks are super happy...though I think Mommy's going to second-guess that soon when I get into EVERYTHING!  Muhahaha!

This just happened on Tuesday, when I started off with just 3 steps earlier in the evening.  I'm by no way consistent, but it's progress!

On Friday, Mommy took me to the park by our house.  I was enjoying the swings.

A rare picture of the three of us together.  We need to take more of these pictures!

Uncle Willy was in town.

I first met him when I was a  few hours old!  I think I'm a bit bigger now.

Hmm...what an interesting article...

There were soo many people at my early birthday party!  Thanks to everyone for coming and bringing me presents!  Birthdays are cool.

I got to play with friends,
see my future kindergarten teacher Auntie Jan again,

and meet Auntie Michelle.

I even got to eat a big gingerbread cookie from Auntie Rita! (Auntie Rita's photo).

I got a big caterpillar cake from Mommy and Daddy and Zach let me borrow his cool hat.  Thanks Zach!

Grandma let me try cake!  Yum!

I also got to hang out with my buddy Grandpa.
I really enjoyed the balloons and I laughed a lot.

It took me a while to take my second nap...we had to wait until everyone left before I was willing or able to fall asleep.  It was just so fun to be with everyone!

Thanks for coming!  And thanks Mommy and Daddy for a wonderful party!


  1. Elliot, happy birthday!! Alyssa, Auntie Jen, and I are so sorry we missed you at the party. You should get your present really soon. I'm so proud of you. You're almost walking. Your daddy said you'd be walking by your 1st birthday so you have a couple more days to prove him right. But, I think 5 or 6 steps will count just fine. We miss you!!

  2. Happy birthday Elliot!!! You're WALKING!!! amazing!

    Keep on smilin', too bad you couldn't use that one as your passport picture. It's probably one of the best passport pictures I've seen.

    I like the reading on potty picture, very sophisticated-looking, we just need to photoshop in a monocle and top hat.

  3. Actually Elliot took about 10 steps by himself in his bedroom sometime after the posted video. He walked almost the length of the foam mat all on his own!

  4. Sorry no video of that feat!

    Happy birthday Elliot, my dear sweet son!

  5. I LOVE all the birthday shots! The one with the three of you blowing out the candles is probably my fave--courtesy of Auntie Rita, I assume? And I am incredibly jealous of all the pics with Uncle Willy. Get ready, E, for a bazillion pic photo sessoin with your Auntie Karen in a few weeks!

  6. Oh, and GREAT JOB on the walking!!!