Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week 16 May 10th-16th

This last week I've been very consistent in sleeping through the night.  Don't get me wrong, I still wake up now and again, especially if I have a dirty diaper.  But it's definitely for a much shorter time and I fall asleep practically right away after Daddy or Mommy changes my diaper.  My folks are very happy about it, though I think they'd prefer that I sleep in a little later (rather than 6-630a).  I accommodated them by sleeping until about 830a this morning (Sunday).

I've found out that I REALLY like gnawing on my own fists.  Forget the fingers, I'm going for the whole fist!  I really do try to shove the whole thing in my mouth.  Some times I am pushing one hand into my mouth with my other hand.  A lot of times though, I end up gagging myself.  Ah well.  Just have to wait for that gag reflex to be less sensitive.

On a very exciting note, Mommy saw me roll over from my tummy to my back (on the bed) yesterday!  She thought it was a fluke until she saw me do it again.  I only roll off my left side, and it takes some effort.  She told Daddy and he was excited, though he wasn't sure he believed it (since he saw me do it about a month ago, with the help of my arm propped under me and a slant in the couch).  But then today, I showed him also!  I don't like tummy time much, but maybe I'll do it more if I get the same reaction from my folks every time.  They were very excited for me and clapped quite a bit.

Today Mommy and Daddy resumed their monthly gathering with some close friends.  They stopped having the gatherings right before I was born.  Now that I'm a bit bigger and somewhat easier to manage, they decided to have it at our house.

Here's me and Auntie Melissa.  She came to visit me when I was still in the hospital, but she didn't dare carry me then since I was so small.  She's not afraid anymore.

Here I am with Auntie Mel and her son Zach.  He was saying "hi" to me, though unfortunately, I wasn't really aware of him. He's so tall and big!

Auntie Rita was also here and she's beginning to become a professional in holding babies.  Mommy suggested that Auntie Rita hold me facing out, since that's what I seem to like lately. 

Uncle Jim still didn't want to pick me up because he thinks I'm too small.  But here he is with Zach, who is much more active and less fragile.

My parents hope I continue to be consistent with sleeping (knocking on wood) and I hope I can WOW them with more developments in the coming week. 


  1. Zach had a blast playing with "BABY!" Oh, and Uncle Jim too.

  2. yes, exciting! Can't wait for him to start laughing out loud! Right now he only gives us big smiles. :-)

  3. Yaaaaay, Elliot!!! I'm clapping for you from afar :) I'm so jealous of your parents' dinner get togethers...someday, I WILL get out there to visit you all. Miss you guys tons.

  4. That's pretty funny, him munching on his fist. Wait till he has some teeth - then he might change his mind! =D