Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 7, March 8th-14th

Not much new has happened since I posted last, at least in terms of my overall development.  I'm continuing to grow and am looking around a lot more.  I still have trouble turning my head side to side when I'm on my stomach, though I have done it a few times.  I'm just not very consistent with it.  Some days I like tummy time, other days, not so much.

Mommy and Daddy have noticed a change in how I nap though.  I seem to like to bury my face into them...either in the crook of their arm or on their chest.  They wonder how I can breathe.  I don't know why I do it, but I like it.  Daddy thinks it's because I'm shielding my eyes from the light.  Mommy is guessing that it's easier for me to breathe when my neck is straight rather than slightly obstructed when my head is turned to one side or the other.  But who knows.

We did have some visitors.  Uncle Kenny, Auntie Amelia, and Auntie Beatrice came by to visit during the week.  We only have a picture with Uncle Kenny though.  Mommy interrupted my feeding (I was only half done) when they came, so I wasn't my usual jovial self.  It wasn't long before I got upset.

Told you it wasn't long before I got upset.  Uncle Kenny decided to imitate me.   I think I look cuter though.

During that visit, I introduced both Mommy and Auntie Amelia to projectile vomiting.  Auntie Amelia was next to Mommy when I burped/vomited all over Mommy.  It wasn't my typical spit up.  I was probably about 6 inches away from Mommy and it just flew out of my mouth and all over her clothes.  Funny enough, I had just done that to Grandpa earlier in the day, but Mommy missed that.  He had to wash his shirt while he was here.  I wasn't being jiggled at all either. Who knows...maybe I just ate too much too soon and didn't get a chance to digest it all.  Or maybe I was retaliating from being interrupted during my feeding.

I think I'm closing in on 11 lbs.  We went to Lullaby Lane yesterday so Mommy can get some supplies.  They had a baby weigh scale there and I was 11.06 lbs.  Of course, I had my clothes and diaper on, so we're guessing that I'm just under 11 lbs.  Either way, that's a good sign. 

Uncle Chris and Uncle Tawn visited too!  They came all the way from Thailand and wanted to drop by to meet me.  How lucky am I?  I was one of the few people they visited while they were in San Francisco.

On a sad note, Mommy only has one more week of maternity leave left before she has to go back to work.  I know she's not happy at all about it.  Grandma will be taking care of me (lucky me!!) when Mommy is at work, but I sure will miss Mommy.  I think she's already sad about it...I know she'll be missing me a whole lot.


  1. I love this blog. This is my second week back at work, and it sucks. I want to be home with the babies. John is home with them, so that is good. your son is so adorable. He is the handsomest baby in California! I have to say that b/c I think Jack is the handsomest baby ever! I miss you and I wish we were closer so we could do this together. Take care! Good Luck!


  2. Don't worry, Elliot, I totally understand being upset about having your feeding interrupted. I'd throw a hissy fit too if someone forced me away from a good meal ;)

    And now I feel totally lame for not having met you yet since your uncles from TAIWAN have managed to do it!

  3. He sure is getting big, still looks like a little Ryan though. I can't wait to see him again this weekend!

    It'll be hard going back to work but at least you can always call your mom to see what's going on. It's ridiculous how comforting it is just to hear that they're sleeping... and then you'll wish you were there watching them sleep... and then you'll realize "wow, I have so much time now, what do I do?"

  4. Yeah, I'm bracing for the start of Sabrina's return to work. That means double duty on the middle-of-the-night feedings...