Thursday, March 6, 2014

18 month check up, 19 months, and Busy!

It's been a very busy couple of months.  Doing what? you might ask.  Nothing really.  But time sure does fly when you're having fun.  Both Elliot and I had our recent check ups.  At my 18 month check up, I was 24+ lbs (68%ile), 34.25" tall (98%ile), and had a head circumference of 19+" (96%ile).  I'm a growing girl!  Elliot's measurements were 41" tall, and 34 lbs.  He's a tall skinny monkey, as Mommy says.

Anyway, this post will be quick with some updated pictures of us.  I know you've missed us.  Here I am eating yogurt.  Soo good.  I can't believe I don't get more of this yummy goodness.

 I like wearing Grandma's hat.


Here I am reading on Elliot's couch...well, trying to read anyway.

 I don't remember what we're looking at here, but Mommy posted this sleepy picture of me for some reason.

 She posted it because of me!!  Don't I look cute with the buns in my hair?

A trip to Costco and cheese!!!

Some more yogurt for me.  Thanks, Mommy!

 Come on, Julia!  Hurry up!  I want to play in the playground!

 Ugh, I guess we have to pose for Mommy first.

Not only do I love hats, I love Mommy's rain boots!

Daddy has this big box full of air padding.  I really had a great time playing in it...

 ..and hiding.  Can you see me??
 I guess I had to climb into my own box too.
Sorry for the short post.  There are no guarantees now when they'll occur.  We'll keep bugging Mommy about it.  In the meantime, Julia is talking up a storm.  She has about 160 words in total (both Chinese and English) that she's saying (yes, my parents are keeping track).  She likes to copy what I do and say.  I, on the other hand,  LOVE the Frozen soundtrack and am keeping Mommy SUPER happy when I ask to listen to that over and over again every day after she picks me up from school.  Until next time!!!

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