Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our New Addition! One Week Old!

Hello all.  Another post, you say?  Ah, that's because we have something special going on here.  But first, and most importantly, pictures of me.  :)

Like my look?
During one of my last few days as the only child, my parents took me to the park.  They had a train ride there that we discovered!  I really liked it.

Don't I look so GQ here?

Well, I guess it's time for me to introduce my new baby sister, Julia!  Here she is with Auntie Nathalie.
And here are some different family shots.  One of us and Daddy.

One of us and both my parents.
Of course, Grandpa.
Like my cheesy smile?

And one of us and our Mommy.
Hello world!  My name is Julia!  I like sleeping with my arms under my head.  I hear my brother Elliot gave me a pretty good introduction.  I just thought I'd put my two cents worth here, now that he's nice enough to share the blog with me.  My parents were very pleasantly surprised when they found out I was a girl.  They decided not to find out what my gender was until the final reveal!  How cool is that?

I don't know why I look so serious, but it's one of the first shots Mommy took of me because I had my eyes opened.

Of course, I have time to still be silly here, right before my bath.

And I LOVE to relax.
Awww, isn't Elliot sweet?  He likes giving me kisses!

And he's doing such a great job holding me too!  Not bad for a first timer.
I'm not sure I like what's going on here, but I guess it needs to be done.


Alyssa came to visit with Auntie Jen, so we played with my toys and crayons.

Ah, a picture with Grandma.  I didn't meet her all week, as she was in a place called Camarillo helping Auntie Jen pack.  She was really chomping at the bit to meet me.
Don't I look so sweet sleeping here?
Alyssa and I were watching a video on Grandpa's camera.

What IS going on in there?
Look how big I am compared to the bunny.  I like sitting on the bunny to read.
Guess who came to visit as a surprise to me and Mommy?  Uncle Mike!  He was supposed to be in Virginia, but he decided to take a flight out just to see little ol' me.  He couldn't wait another month (when he'd be back in town) to see me.  I'm soooo special!  That's Auntie Jen, in case anyone forgot.

Here's a better picture with Grandma.

 Mommy caught me while I was smiling.  Apparently, I've smiled a few times already these last few days.  They happen at random times though.  I can't seem to control when they happen, but they sure do make my parents happy when they occur.  If only I can control my muscles...then I can take over the world!

Here's a picture of the whole family!  Auntie Jen is going to have a baby in December, so I'll have another cousin to play with.  Well, now I have to saw WE'LL have another cousin to play with.
We hope you enjoyed the pictures!  We will both try to keep the blog up to date now that Julia has finally arrived.


  1. Yay!! Welcome Julia! Great pic of the family and I can already see you have a great smile! Congrats to all!

  2. Wow, back and blogging already! Proud of you! So now I know you guys are doing great and it's ok for the Lo clan to come bombard you. ;) Can't wait to meet Julia!

  3. Yeah, apparently recovering from this labor is a cinch compared to c-section from Elliot! I'm amazed at how quickly Sabrina got back up and about after giving birth to Julia! As for me, I've found a new love!!