Sunday, March 25, 2012

26 Months Birthday and Tahoe!

Happy 26 months birthday to me!  Some times I just like being silly.  Mommy bought me some new clothes and I played with the sticker that came with it.
We went to Iris's one year birthday party and here's a picture Auntie Rita took of me and Mommy.
I don't play with the tunnel very often, but I do enjoy it when I DO get to play with it.

Two weekends ago, Auntie Jen and Alyssa came to  visit. I missed Uncle Michael, so I was looking at the phone while Uncle Michael was talking to us.

 We had lunch with Grandpa and Auntie Nat.

  I also really like trying on my parents' shoes.  Here I am styling with Mommy's boots.
The next weekend, I saw Auntie Kristine.  She's going to have a baby too!  We don't know if it's a boy or girl, but either way, I can't wait to meet the new baby!

Uncle Mike, Auntie Jen, and Alyssa came up again this weekend too!

At dinner, Alyssa and I wanted to play upstairs in the restaurant, so we kept laughing and screaming and looking down at Mommy and Uncle Mike.

My parents don't know why I do this, but sometimes I like running around the house with my arms behind my back.  They think it's funny.  I just like doing it.

Apparently, Daddy likes it too...

As you saw in the title, we went somewhere called Lake Tahoe.  Mommy and Daddy said I was going to see snow, so I had to dress up in this outfit.  I had a hard time walking in these boots though.

It was a bit cold, so Daddy put on mittens for me.
We went to Hansen's tubing "resort".  According to Mommy, it wasn't really a resort.  I guess because the weather has been warm, there wasn't much snow around.  The workers there had to bring in snow on their ATV (ooooh, ATV...I was definitely more interested in looking at THAT than I was at the snow).  But in either case, here I am going tubing with Daddy.

I liked it the first couple of times.  By the third time, the snow hit my face and I wasn't thrilled.  But here I am the fourth time enjoying myself.

At the cabin we stayed at, there were two other kids around my age.  I was actually the youngest AND the only boy.  I was ROCKIN!  (There were actually two other slightly younger girls there too, but they had left by the time we were playing here).

On the way back home, Daddy stopped by Bridal Veil Falls.  It was the first time I saw a waterfall, and I liked getting wet by the mist.

Finally, I was getting a bit hungry on the way back so I thought I'd munch on something close by.
It was a good month with lots of visitors and activities.  My parents were a bit bummed there wasn't more snow for me to play in, but I was content.  Considering it was my first time, I don't know what the big deal was.  When I held the snow, it was really cold.

Until next time!


  1. You and Alyssa have such cute laughs! t was such a treat taking you up to see snow finally! A last minute trip, but it turned out to be a relaxing quick get away! Daddy was so relaxed from the trip, I had the energy to do all sorts of chores when we got home!

  2. Hi Elliot!! It was so good to see you!! I can't wait until next week when we go to Disneyland together. Alyssa is very excited. I hope your mommy is brushing you up on all the Disney characters. See you soon. Miss you!!

  3. What a great shot of Mommy and Elliot. Just in time for Mother's Day!

    Too bad there wasn't more snow, looks like you'll have to wait until end of the year for another try. But you looked styling in your snow clothes!

  4. Ack, I am so behind on the blog! I LOLed at the foot eating pic, too funny! The sticker pic is funny too, and The running with your hands behind your back is cute--maybe it's your version of the funny Phoebe run from Friends (that will be an ancient classic by the time you read this and understand it LOL!

    The picture with mommy is great. The pic of the Tahoe snow is just sad, though tubing looks fun!