Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hawaii Trip!!

Hello everyone!  Yes, I know it's not my 19 month birthday yet, but I decided I had to post about our trip to Hawaii.  If I didn't, the next post would have too many pictures (not that you'd mind at all, of course).  So, as you read, Mommy, Daddy, and I went to Hawaii for about a week.  It's our first true vacation together!  We didn't do too much, as I wasn't adjusted to the time change so my folks had to cater to my napping needs (how different is that from being home?), but it was fun anyway to hang out.

Check out my foot!

I'm giving some love to my Mommy.

Wow...we don't have these curtains at home.  Very cool.  What can I say?  I'm truly entertained.

We went to the Honolulu zoo!  It's my first trip to the zoo (though I've seen other live animals at CuriOdyssey).  There aren't very many pictures of me with animals, but lots of me smiling.

This is the tiny elephant we saw across from the big stinky elephants that had their backs facing us.  I like this one...he seems friendly.
Here I am having a blast because I was getting periodically sprayed by the sprinkler.

I laugh whenever I get hit by some water.
Yes, my fingers are in my mouth.  I've been doing that for over a month now...may be teething.  But seriously, why are those birds pink?
Daddy and I are best buddies now.

The next day we went to the beach...also another first for me.  I really enjoyed tasting the water from my fingers.

Here's is another of Mommy's attempt at getting a picture of my lashes. I really don't know why she does that.
Mommy really likes this picture of me.

I like pretending to talk on the phone, I mean water bottle.   It may look like I'm just hugging it, but really, I'm talking on the phone.

Mommy and Daddy's bed is so huge! I liked walking on the pillows and falling on them.

We went to visit this local place to eat.  Daddy liked the name of the plaza.  He told me it's really supposed to read like "Leekee Leekee."

One of our excursions was to  visit this Japanese temple called the Byodo-In.  It's supposedly a replica of one made in Japan and it was built before Daddy was born (so he tells me) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japanese immigrant workers to Hawaii.  Wow..I think Mommy typed that sentence in.  I don't know what a lot of those words mean at all.

But I DO know that I like walking up and down ramps.
 Ooh!  A rare family photo!

 When we finished visiting, I thought I'd drive the family home.  Heck, might as well give my parents some resting time.

Check out this outfit.  Uncle Brian and Auntie Mary bought it for me a while ago.  I'm so stylin'.  And Mommy thinks I look like such a big boy here.

The day I was sporting my outfit, we went to a local bakery called Leonards.  Apparently they make these yummy portuguese donuts.  We don't have a picture of me trying them, though my parents did let me eat some.  We were lucky we got there right before a small tour bus came by to drop off more people.

We also went to a place called Pearl Harbor and we went on the USS Missouri.  I'm the captain.
Later that afternoon, I went to the hotel pool.  The water was cold and it was windy, so Mommy didn't come in.  But Daddy and I were game and we played around.

I'm even kicking!  Mommy said I'm soo much better now than I was when she took me to my swim lessons.  Maybe I actually remembered something.

The next (and our last) day, we went back to Pearl Harbor to visit the USS Arizona memorial.  We had to go back because I was really cranky the day before and my parents had to leave for my nap.

I like the wind.

Look at my modeling strut.

I can see the water!

When we got back to the hotel, I always found ways to amuse myself.

I also really enjoyed walking by myself to the hotel.

And finally, a final family picture.  I don't look happy to leave.  We did have a fun time.  Hopefully we can go again soon.
Hope you enjoyed the mid month post and all the pictures!


  1. Aww that looked like a lot of FUN! Wish you were there at the same time we were so we could share some Matsumoto's shaved ICE!!

    Maybe next time!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! You're looking like a little boy, though you've still got your adorable cheeks. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  3. wow, looks like you guys had a great time! did you like the beach? maybe you guys can go at the same time next year!

  4. It WAS a lot of fun! I got to catch up on much needed sleep and got to see the sights of Oahu that I never saw before! Vacationing as a family is definitely a new experience, perhaps next year we can go with other families.

  5. Hi Elliot!! Sorry I missed out on your vacation. I see that you like driving as much as your cousin, Alyssa. When are you going to come down to visit her? She misses you. I hope to see you soon and I can't wait for another update.

  6. Looks like such a fun trip! Happy memories for all, I'm sure.

  7. Oh you ARE looking like a big boy, Elliot! I love that first picture, it's adorable. Glad you guys got to get away and have some fun!