Sunday, June 26, 2011

17 Months Birthday!

I'm another month older!  I am now 17 months old!

Things have been pretty low-key since my Disneyland trip.  Mommy is now on summer break so she is taking care of me full-time.  She told me she had been looking forward to it all school year.  Aww thanks Mommy.
So because of that, Mommy has to find things to keep me busy.  Get ready for some pictures!

We had lunch with Lucas one weekend.  His parents were trying to get him to kiss me. I wasn't having any of it.

Mommy re-introduced bubbles to me.  I can't figure out how this works!
Another time playing with bubbles and this time Daddy had his camera ready.  POP!

When Great Uncle Paul and Great Auntie Leona were in town, we went to Fresh Choice and they gave me one of these to eat.

See Mommy?  Ice cream goes in here.  Next time you'll know what to do.
We have this mat with numbers and letters and animal shapes.  I like to take it apart.

Every night Mommy has to rebuild my mess. I poke out all the pieces and fling them around the house.  Sorry Mommy!  Just think of it as a hide and seek puzzle!
Another time I was eating dumplings on my own.  I have trouble getting all the pieces in my mouth. What you see is the wrap of the dumpling hanging off my mouth.

Now that it's getting a bit warmer, Mommy doesn't always put socks or shoes on my feet.  That's great because I like driving with them.  And keeping the socks and shoes on would make it harder to steer.
 My foot looks big in this picture, huh?  It really isn't.

More eating pictures.  I like eating bananas.  Mommy gave me half of one.  I think I could've finished a whole banana for sure.

My family went to Toys R Us over a weekend.  That place is AWESOME!!!  Check out my ride!
Well, I didn't like sitting in it too much.  But I had a BLAST pushing the car around the store.  When Daddy picked me up to leave, I started crying and getting upset.  Mommy and Daddy couldn't stop laughing.  That's really not nice.

I love my doggie.  Well, I love Rocky too, but he doesn't let me get close to him (even though I constantly chase him), so this one will have to do.
What are you looking at??  It's hot!

I started a swim class on the 13th.  It ran for 8 classes over 2 weeks.  Daddy surprised me by showing up to take some pictures on Day 2.  I was having a lot of fun.  Mommy said it's a lot of work for her though.  I DO appreciate it.
Mommy's so funny when she blows bubbles in the water!
 I love splashing around.   I get both Mommy and my face wet.

Mommy also took me to the San Mateo County Fair.  We went with Auntie Monnette and my buddy Alex, though we don't have pictures with them.  Here are some silly piggies.  They're bigger than me!

 Another day I was playing with tan bark in the local park.  Yo Yo Yo!  Mommy said I'm flashing gang signs, though I don't know what that means.

We had an impromptu BBQ on father's day.  Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Here I am with Lucas.

Since I like pushing cars, here I am pushing Megan.

Grandpa came back from a trip with Auntie Nathalie.  I missed him sooo much, I hugged him for a long time.

Here I am eating a pork bun.  It's almost bigger than my head!  And if you know me, you KNOW that's big!

After eating that, I needed something to drink.  Mommy is letting me practice drinking from a cup.  Sometimes I prefer to drink from a cup rather than a sippy cup.

Auntie Beatrice came up to visit.  The last time she saw me was a year ago, so I'm much bigger now.

She's teaching me to say "Ouch" here, but I don't know why.  My finger doesn't hurt.

Daddy was playing with my hair again. Geez, Dad.

 I like the music that this toy makes.  I'm a pretty happy kid...

especially when I do things I'm not supposed to do.

Mommy took me to a place called CuriOdyssey.  They have lots of cool things there.  I figured out how to put these things in the air tube.  It was fun.

I was also playing with this otter, though it's hard to see him.

It was Grandpa's birthday so I took another picture with him.  Throughout dinner, I would say "Ampa", look at Grandpa and smile at him.  I really did miss him.

I hope you enjoyed all the videos and pictures!


  1. Wow, Elliot!! 17 months old!! You're growing up too fast!! You look like you had a lot of fun this month. When are you coming back down to see your cousin, Alyssa? She misses you. Well, we should be coming up in July so we'll see you then. We miss you!!

  2. Amazingly this month happened just as I remembered it! hehe. Yes, you are growing up too fast! I don't want to correct your 'words' because they are just too cute!

  3. Ack, so many cute pictures and videos! Love all the pics of E pushing the cars; it's so funny how he loves to do that :) The pool pictures are adorable, the banana stuffed in the mouth is super cute, and the pictures with Grandpa are just too, too sweet. And the hair seems to have grown in nicely ;)

  4. Pool pics are super cute! And the gangsta pic is so funny. You must be enjoying your summer with Mommy. Just don't wear her out before school starts!