Tuesday, May 24, 2011

16 Months Birthday!

Another month has gone by.  Can you believe that?  I am now 16 months old!

Mommy wanted a picture of me naked.  I don't know why.  I'm staring at the toys here.  I LOVE taking baths.

We celebrated Mother's Day with Grandma and Auntie Jen the night before.  But Mommy forgot to take pictures.  It was good seeing my cousin Alyssa again though.

We went to this place called IKEA on Mother's Day (after Daddy made Mommy breakfast and lunch).  I saw this dog.  I like soft things so I shove my face into them.

I love anything with wheels too, especially carts!  I don't have much control though.

Daddy put me in the hamper.  I wasn't all too happy about it.

Mommy had let me use the spoon a couple of times in the past.  This time she let me eat yogurt by myself.  Yes, a bit of a mess, and I turned over the bowl and played with the yogurt, but it's a start.

Mommy kept trying to get me to grip the spoon with all my fingers (like in the first picture), but I wanted to try to be neat and only use a couple of fingers.

This is me after a bath...nice and cozy in my towel.

We went to a trial music class on Saturday.  My friends Megan and Lucas go to classes like this, so since summer is coming around, Mommy wanted to find things to do.  And since I like dancing, she figured it'd be a good thing for me.  As you see, I didn't stay with the group here.  But it is my first time!

It was a bit chilly this weekend, so Mommy bundled me up.  Geez Mommy...it's not like it's winter!

Here's a picture of me upset.  Mommy doesn't think we put enough of these pictures up.  I don't know why she's smiling here.  Can't you see that I'm MAD?

Sigh...that's Mommy for you...she thinks I'm cute.  Something about my bottom lip pouting.

In the meantime, I've been a bit more verbal.  I say "po" for "carry" in Cantonese, "ball", "adum" for "mum mums" (i.e. food), I sign "more" with my hands and then smile, I'm beginning to say "dada" or "daddy" more consistently for Daddy, but I also say "dada" when I look up and see "lights" (Chinese).  I imitated "mah mah" for horse in chinese (though I won't imitate "mama" or "mommy" for Mommy), "wawa" and "wa-er" for "water" (though I'm not consistent with that), and "all done" today (though we'll see if I'm consistent with that in the future).  I have said "bao" for bun in chinese, though I haven't eaten it in a while so who knows if I'll say it again.  I have versions of words for "hippo, blueberry, and book" though if you were to hear me say it, they'd all sound like words beginning with B or have B in them.  And if I'm in a good mood, I'll say "bah" for "bye."  It's just a matter of intonation (so Mommy says) that makes them different, and context, of course.  Many of my words are what Mommy calls "approximations" of real words.  That sounds like gibberish to me...as long as people know what I'm talking about, it's all good.


  1. That video of you eating made me hungry... maybe I will have yogurt today.
    Looks like you had a great time at music class. You definitely need to go more often! Since you looked interested, ask your parents to buy you a drum set when you're older (your parents will LOVE that! ;) )

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! I hear you're a little under the weather but I hope you feel better soon!

  2. That is my adorable, awesome nephew!! Just want to pinch those cheeks!!! :-)

  3. He's getting lanky! And I LOVE that crying pic. So cute! You definitely need to put more of those up!

  4. Leave it to your SLP mommy to analyze your words, where every other parent would be like, "He's TALKING!" ;)

    LOVE the dancing video! Love all the videos, really, but the dancing one is too cute! Auntie Karen is proud. Maybe Auntie Jun will teach you how to play with glow sticks, hahaha! I can't believe how steady you are on your feet now.

    I'm also impressed by your cart-pushing skills. And the stuffed-animal-in-the-face is adorable :)