Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 45 November 29th-December 5th

 Another week in the books.  Mommy said the holiday season is upon us. 

Here's a hat she got me the same time she got the red one.  This one is at Grandma's place.  Grandma likes it because I can't take it off, and she doesn't feel bad for bringing me to the park when it's cold.

Now that I'm more mobile, I pull up on whatever I can, even if I slip around.  Mommy has to watch me more carefully because of our hardwood floors.

Here's a sweater Auntie Nathalie bought me even before I was born!  I can fit it now!  Mommy thinks I look very chubby here.

Hello there Moo Moo Cow..

This week I had a play date with Genevieve.  She's 17 months old and walking around.  She likes to share with me so I like playing with her. 

Here I'm sharing with her!

I woke up from my nap and it was chilly, so Daddy put me in Mommy's sweater.  I think I fit it just fine.

I love books so much that I some times squirm away from Mommy when I'm being changed.  Can you tell my diaper is off?

Mommy and Daddy bought a Christmas tree Saturday.  It looks really pretty.  We'll have to put a picture up next time. While looking for a new Christmas tree topper, Mommy saw this.  Gee, thanks Mom.

Instead of pressing down on the top to make it spin, I found a better way to play with this.  Pay's really fast.

I like it when Mommy throws me up in the air...

so much that I drool.

All in all, a very nice week.  Stay tuned for new developments!


  1. Elliot, you're such a big boy now. Your uncle is coming up to see you with Auntie Jenny and Alyssa. She misses her cousin! We'll see you soon!!

  2. Heheh, love the drooling shot. You're such a happy baby!

  3. you are totally getting so big! and we're missing all your new tricks! i think you should get your mommy a fob visor for christmas to protect her face from the drool. uncle jeff can help you pick out the best one.

  4. You are growing up too fast! Slow down a bit!

  5. LOVE the shots of tossing him in the air! So happy and cute! And the look on his face in the antler shot is priceless :)

    And, gah!!!, he's standing already and I haven't met him :( :( :(