Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 43 November 15th-21st

Another relatively quiet week.  The most important was that Daddy left for China on Thursday so I didn't get to spend time with him for a few days!  I miss him!  He won't be back until Tuesday night, whenever that is. He did request that we send him a daily picture of us, so here are a couple of examples.

Mommy did fine taking care of me though...she's an old pro.  She kept us busy by running errands and meeting other people.  On Saturday, Uncle Eddy did a surprise drop by.  Auntie Grace was out with her friends having dinner, and Uncle Eddy needed to kill some time with the baby, so he decided to come over. 

Neither of us were looking at the camera, but Lucas is getting bigger.  I didn't hit him this time.

It's getting cold out so Mommy is dressing me a bit warmer.  Like my overalls?  It was a gift from one of Mommy's coworkers.

I'm more mobile now.  Mommy has to watch me more carefully to make sure I don't crack my head on our hard hardwood floors.  Why don't we have carpet?

I have a cape!  This was after a nap and Mommy didn't want me to catch a cold since I just woke up and the rest of the house was a bit chilly.

On Sunday, Auntie Joanne came by with her son Colman.  Auntie Joanne is one of the 4th grade teachers at one of Mommy's schools.  Colman is a tiny little guy, only 7 weeks old! though he looks pretty bulky here.

 Can you believe I used to be that small too?

As I mentioned, it was a quiet week.  Just a couple more days (Mommy says) until Daddy comes back.  I can't wait to see him!  


  1. It's ok, Elliot. Daddy will be home very soon to celebrate turkey day with you. Alyssa, Auntie Jenny, and I all miss you very much. Tell your mommy to put up more videos of you. We'll see you soon!!

  2. Aww, Daddy's first trip away. I'm sure he's taking it harder than you are. Don't be too hard on Mommy!

  3. I'm home!! I missed you every single day and wanted to wake you when I got home so I could hug you!!

  4. Good job, mommy! It must have been SO hard for daddy to be away from such a cutie. Love the picture of you smiling with the cape on--what a big smile, so cute!