Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 34 Sept. 13th-19th

This week I had my weight check appointment.  I am now 18 lbs 11 oz and am 27.75" long, close to the 50th percentile in weight (I was at 40th at 6 months) and slightly below the 75th percentile in height.  So I gained nearly two pounds and 1/2" from my check-up 6 weeks ago, which makes both my doctor and mommy happy.  I actually was close to gaining a solid two pounds, but I peed all over the scale, got the nurse too, and Mommy's hand (she was covering my sprinkler system at that point), so I lost some weight there.  On the other hand, gaining the weight makes Mommy feel bad because I could've gained more weight during the time she spent at home nursing me.  As Daddy says, don't cry over spilled milk, Mommy.

Daddy moved me into the bathroom for my baths now.  I was moving around too much and grabbing things around the kitchen sink and Daddy didn't like that.  My parents found this rubber ducky for me to play with though.  As with everything, I have to stick it in my mouth.

Here's another picture.  I got his whole head in my mouth!

My parents are making me do tummy time a lot more now, especially since Grandma and Grandpa don't do it too often (it's hard for them to get on the floor and stay down there with me).  Mommy says I'm a lazy lump because have no interest at all in crawling. 

I don't like tummy time, so Daddy is trying to distract me.

Look at my new toy!  It's pretty cool.  And yes, I'm trying to get it in my mouth.  Hey, I don't really have the concept of size down yet.

And of course, more tummy time from Mommy.

Check me out here!  Talk about rolls everywhere! I saw that Mommy was going to take a picture of me so I closed my eyes.  But then I grinned at the same time and this is the result. 

It was a rather uneventful week, hence the lack of pictures.  I hope next week will be more exciting for all of us.


  1. Well, it was a good week to be low week will be a bit crazy!

  2. OMG, the last pic is so funny! And look at those leg rolls!

  3. Heehee, the last pic is awesome! Be careful what you wish for, he'll be running around before you know it!