Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 21 June 14th-20th

This week was Mommy's first full week at home for the summer.  We have both enjoyed our time together. I had to get use to a new routine, so I was not napping for Mommy at all.  I think I'd rather play with her.  When Daddy put me down for a nap, I slept for two hours!  When Mommy put me down, I only slept for a half hour.  She said I was good though...not cranky from not sleeping.

I got this booster chair from Daddy's friend, Uncle Jerry.  I fit into it ok, but I'm not quite ready to be in it just yet.  I don't yet sit up by myself so I'm a bit hunched over.

Like my new outfits?  I'm sporting these shorts.

This was one of the shirts Mommy bought me before I was born.  It says, "Made with the best ingredients".  Hehe.  That I am.

I had a playdate with Alex again.  This time I'm much more aware of him.

 However, I'm not as mobile as he is so I think he had the height advantage.  I DID get him back for poking me in the cheek a while back. You can't tell here, but I cuffed him in the chin.

I want that bib!

 My Great-Uncle Allen and Great-Auntie Kaman from Hong Kong are in town again, to spend some time with Auntie Naomi, their daughter. Great-Uncle Alan was one of the main paparazzi fellows at my two month birthday celebration.

Me and Auntie Kaman...

The end of this week marked Daddy's first Father's Day!  To celebrate, we went to Auntie Jen and Uncle Greg's house to have brunch and a playdate with Genevieve.  She's 10.5 months old, but I weigh nearly as much as she does.  She's a lot taller than me though.  I wonder if she likes shorter guys?

 On a final and very exciting note, I am rolling over much more consistently now!  The first few times I tried, Mommy laughed at me.  She thought I looked like a beached whale as I tried to wiggle and throw my leg over.  But the last few times, I was much more elegant about it.  I roll over my left side from my tummy to my back.  Mommy saw me roll over the right side one time on Thursday, but I haven't done it again since.

Anyways, I hope Daddy had a good relaxing Daddy's day!


  1. Yeah daddy got to nap in the middle of the afternoon...a rare occurrence!

  2. Happy Father's Day, Ryan! Sorry it's coming a little late. I hope you liked your Father's Day gift :)

    Yay for learning to roll over!